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About Us

Jase is a genuine kiwi, born and bred locally. He has been playing in the hills all of his life. He took up skiing and back country riding seriously at the age of 12. In his final years of school he found his passion for teaching which led him to a course in adventure-based learning. Jase went to Porters for work experience. On his debut he ended up at ski school line up, organised the groups for lessons and appointed instructors. Minutes later more kids rocked up for a lesson so with no more instructors about it was all go as he took them for a lesson. This was in 1995. Since then Jase has no less than 18 years ski teaching under his belt both in the Craigieburn Range and around the world including having a private ski school with in Spain. Jase was ski school supervisor at Porters and training the instructors and rookies alongside his accommodation and adventure business from 2000-2003. He then started his instructor training business. Jase now managers the Porters ski school which has allowed the development of this exciting new full season ski instructor intership at Porters ski area.

Jase's Story


I took up skiing properly at 12 years old. I used to bomb down the beginners slope slidin' to a stop at the bottom. Then it happened...I looked up at my uncle who took me up for my annual snow day out. He was alone in a fresh field of powder with snow spraying all around him. He was at one with the mountain. That's it I thought after a childhood of hunting, dirt biking and rugby. I found my happy place in the serenity of the back country while getting my adrenaline fix. From that day on skiing and the back country has become my life. I skied over 40 days a year at school. Then at 18 I took up ski teaching. It was a long journey from working on farms and gardening to having a hat business (to fund my passion as a child), to self training for years to get my certs. My rookie experience was the first the ski area had seen. I worked in ski hire in the morning, teaching in the middle of the day then back to ski hire. Lunch was on the run. Then home to cook and clean for our house of 12. Eventually, I was ski school supervisor and training some locals in Porters first low key rookie ski instructor scheme. At this point I thought there has to be an easier and faster way for people to get qualified and for me to pass my hard-earned knowledge on.

And so it was born... Bahara Ski Instructor Training hit the world wide web. It's been an awesome journey from the first day of our course in 2003. Standing on the slopes with 6 Brits of all ages eagerly awaiting my commands. I was s....ting myself. I managed to wing it, and we got the highest pass rate in NZ... 100%. 15 years later there are always healthy nerves on day one, but the course and I have developed in to what I believe is the best product out there.

What skiing is to me

The mountains and snow are our superior. We can not beat them so we must not fight the forces, instead we should go with them to become one.

I love all types of skiing and snow conditions from performance carving to first descents in the back country. The best is when you have done a run and can't remember any one turn or part of the run yet you have a feeling of seamless flow and dynamics. It's like your skis are part of your body and you are apart of the snow and mountain. One of my favourite places to find this is in bottomless dry POW. The feeling of weightlessness as you tip, turn and roll as the snow softly tumbles all around you. The feeling of not being in contact with the ground like an astronaut in space. Priceless.

Ok, I admit a bit trippy but it's hard to explain it, let alone in a few sentences. I have endless enthusiasm and dedication to try and help you reach this ultimate level of skiing and pleasure.




Bahara ski instructor training was born in 2003 when we were trying to find a way to share our knowledge and passion for skiing and teaching while providing a fun, fast and successful pathway to becoming a professional ski teacher.

Our aim was to provide the ultimate personalized experience with the most comprehensive package both on and off the slopes.
It all took place in our home which was a historic railway cottage that we lovingly restored just weeks before the students arrived. Here you were housed and fed and we hit the hills in a classic Troopy 4x4. Our website was slapped together by a mate, ranking in the top 3 on Google, and we were the marketing team.

In 2009 we were slipping off the cyber space radar as every man and his dog tried to jump on the band wagon. We chose not to expand to keep a strong hold as this would effect our original goals. It was at this time that we joined Nonstop ski to take on our marketing.

In 2014 we re branded whilst returning to stand alone marketing. You will become known around the globe as the "Craigieburners" from NZSIT. New Zealand Ski Instructor Training. 15 years on from those memorable first days and we are still as committed as ever to our original beliefs that we know make us the Number One choice.


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