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Internship success

Not sure if the word got out on the success of the newly developed instructor training at Porters. The students achieved 100% pass rate since it started 2 years ago. The proof is in the pudding. Well in the results at least. Dont be dissapointed join us now.

Porters level 1 exam and intership all go

Its all go as the first snow starts to fall for the winter of 2016.

Its confirmed we are having a level 1 NZSIA ski exam at Porters inn the July school holidays. 18th-22nd

The ski intership is starting late June early July with a couple of spaces left.

We are also offering some pre level 1 training clinics on weekends and first week of school holidays if anyone is interested please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future proofing the business 2014 winter

We spent a good deal of time this winter getting out and about with our kids. In this video our son Jack is getting into his new found passion. 

We love Porters ski area and skiing that much that we named this little fella after the place.

The final weeks 2013

Finally tracked down Chris whos been blasting around Australia and getting ready for his 1st winter teaching in Austria.

Here is his take on the last few weeks @ NZSIT for 2013

So we all started to realise as the level 2 examination drew nearer and exam preparations started that the course was sadly beginning to come to an end. Despite the exam being so close we still managed to fit in an overnighter up on the mountain at Mount Olympus. Some of us took that as an opportunity to explore the surrounding backcountry a bit more and go on a bit of an adventure. We got the probes, shovels and beacons out and took off on a few hikes, while the rest kicked back in the hot tub and got started on the wine. We were off powder hunting and we were not disappointed on the first 2 hikes, finding some great chutes and lovely spring corn. We thought we had called it a day, but after some persuasion the mountain manager agreed to let us do some night skiing if we got enough people together. Of course, who can turn down more skiing? That is what we were there to do.

Before we knew it, level 2 exam week had arrived, all of us had suddenly realised this was the climax of all our time here. The week flashed by, although it may have been an exam week, we still had so much fun with a bit of fresh snow falling mid week. The exam consisted of a few days practice skiing, receiving a bit more tuition from the examiners of what they were looking for, a practice teach and lot of skier analysis video watching. Most of us managed to pass our level 2 with a few sickening mishaps along the way.

We topped off our time in New Zealand with a last day shredding it at Mount Hutt, picking all the lines we had been eagerly looking at while doing wedge turns on the piste. We were so keen we didn't even have time for lunch. Jase and I along with another level 2 candidate ( a NZ ski racer ) spent our time skiing flat out on the offpiste chutes and faces of the Towers and South face. We got lap after lap of fresh corn and better still we were the only ones skiing it. We even got to have rides up from the bottom on a Hagland snow vehicle as the lift was closed. Bonus. 

NZSIT Craigieburners week 9

Week 9 started with some ski training for our level two exams up at porters, lots of demo, short and dynamic turns. The exam is only a week and a half away so we were all trying to do our best turns.
We woke up on Tuesday to very strong windy weather ( a record 251.9km/hr recorded ), so all of the ski fields were closed except Broken River. We went up for some great off-piste skiing on empty slopes and to train for our level 2 exam.
On Wednesday the massive storm was now dumping rain. Porters and all the other ski fields were closed. We spent the day preparing our level 2 lessons and chilling, hoping the weather would get better soon.
Porters was still closed the next day due to the storm so we went down to the beach for some winter surfing in the surprisingly warm weather. It was the first time for all of us and luckily the beach was the perfect place for beginner surfers. By the end of it we had all managed to get up standing on our boards.
Friday was a busy day at porters with sunny skies and lots of kiwi school kids coming up for lessons. We all helped out with the teaching in the morning and then got down to some demo and short turns in the afternoon.
There were two Fancy dress parties on the over the weekend. The girls and Adrian went to an Oscar themed ball in Darfield and the rest of us went to one of the lifties birthday parties dressed in anything but clothes.
So even with the stormy weather we still managed to have an excellent week.

NZSIT week 8

This week started on a huge high for all of us after passing our level 1 exams and then having a free ski day on the Monday with some fresh snow still left over from the weekend. And with nearly all the runs listed we were able to rip some carves all day on most of the mountain.

On tuesday we learnt the basics of all our level 2 teaching progressions on the mountain with the weather not looking pretty for the next day.

Weather forecast was right for Wednesday with some high winds and a bit of rain down in Springfield and some snow on top of the mountains, we used this time to recap in writing on our teaching progressions and to do our post level 1 assessments on how we thought the course was going, which was tip top for me.

The next day 6 of us had booked heli skiing, this was by far the best experience of my life with lots of fresh snow up to our waists in parts. We all got our rather large skis out and were flying both up and down all day. The rest of us skied in porters and said they had a fantastic day with fresh snow covering the area. A great day had by all.

Friday was a very important and amusing day for us all, Ellie's birthday!! I became aware that it is hilarious to wear boxers with a false bottom moulded onto them, this had many laughs from people on the mountain especially when perched on top of a t-bar lift. we did some practise teaching on each other in groups to get used to the new progressions and then a few of us did some real teaching in the afternoon with short turn practise at the end of the day. That evening a group of us went on a 6 hour drive down to queenstown before hitting the town upon arrival. The others stayed for a relaxed weekend in Springfield.

The next day started both early and rather slowly for most of us bearing a slight hangover. 4 of us got a bus up to cardrona which started a very nice day in the sun, although it was rather windy in the afternoon, the chairlift was a rather refreshing reminder of European resorts. Both Toby and Chris enjoyed the extremely large park facilities there while me and Andrew preferred to rip it up both on the piste and off it. Gemma had already booked heli rafting in advance and thoroughly enjoyed the experience when we met. In the afternoon we all went our separate ways to find food and Chris managed to meet up with his parents in an ice bar for the first time in a few months which he enjoyed very much. We then all met up for another fantastic night out in queenstown which is a recommended visit from all of us that went especially if you want a bit of a party.

On Sunday we all had a slightly larger lie in before getting up where 2 of us went off to do a bungee jump (the highest in Australasia known as the Nevis Bungee with a 134m free fall) the rest of us went shopping and Toby got a new tattoo to remember this summer by. With some great discounts floating around not one of us came back empty handed. We then started our journey back to Springfield with some amazing scenery in Jases rather large, bright yellow 4x4.

cheers Harrison

week 6 & 7 Exam time

Week 6 exam prep.

After a relaxing week end in punakaiki with some underworld caving, glow worm viewing, inflatable rafting, a train ride and some swimming in the sea or river we returned to Springfield for pre exam repetition and refining ski week.So what does week 6 hold for us, wedge turns, parallel turns, more wedge turns more parallel turns, mock teaching ski school teaching and time to get reacquainted with the platter and beginner slopes.The groomers have done a spectacular job of shifting what's left of the June snow dump around the mountain, and yes you regularly have the odd pebble or stone beneath your feet but now that's just normal.Wedge, wedge, wedge parallel parallel parallel repetition is key, you don't achieve them you don't progress. After what seems like a lifetime of doing a wedge turn you want to progress at least to a higher bit of the mountain for something different.Jase works tirelessly with each and every one of us perfecting the minor areas making those wedges and parallels perfect and some days there are people there longer than others - you know who you are, I'm sure it will all be worthwhile come Friday 30th and we can like Jase once again.Thurs and Friday we spiced things up a bit and wore our infamous red ski school jackets, pairing up and delivering our own 90 min lessons. The afternoons were then left for us to deliver our own area of a mock lesson to each other, exam mode once again. In the evenings we discussed any areas missed and bits to improve on.Friday evening we had a treat from Darfield with a $10 Chinese buffet box -yum!
Week 7 NZSIA level 1 exam
Monday morning arrives everyone has newly waxed skis from gnomes, the briefing is complete followed by an early night we are in exam mode. Up and out by 8am we arrive at Porters with plenty of time to get ready. Matt and mark meet us for a daily brief, we hear about the coming week and specifically the plans for the day ahead.
We separate into our two groups with our exam scenarios to cover and some personal skiing up at T3. Personal skiing is first on the agenda and some challenging conditions make us work those edges and point that sternum to the downhill ski tip. A late lunch for some we resume on the beginner slope to continue those scenarios and work through the teaching model. (Repeat after me ISNLPGC and summary!)
Day 1 & 2 fly by with long days, late lunches, frantic scribbling or typing and we only have one teaching scenario to take in. Day 3 arrives as strong winds force a closed day on the hill. No need to panic we have been saved by donutland, everyone meets at 9am in Springfield and we walk through the final teaching scenario. We use the afternoon to deliver our session to peers and pick our exam teach from the faithful envelope. Having had some tricky snow conditions early on in the week Thursday arrives with some fresh powder. Roughly 17 cms has fallen and a little white blanket is a sight for sore eyes. Having had our exam teaches the night before there is an eery silence in the bus for the ride up the mountain, either people are preparing, stressing or sleeping if your Harrison. The teaches start first thing and the last one is at 1.30pm, then it's time to ski. Off for some wedges on the platter and the snow conditions are considerably better than mon and tues. All that's left for Friday are some final wedge turns and parallel carve turns until 3pm. With nothing left to do 3pm comes around quick and we sit anxiously chewing the fat in porters cafe, tick tock and its 3.30pm results time!! With a nervous look around the room the smiles say it all, all of the Craigieburners passed, PHEW!!! now its party time. A alcohol dash to Darfield bottlestore and we are set for the night. Always  eventful the GNAR, Aspen extreme and ski shot rounds suitably loosen us up for the annual and obligatory naked donut run. What a night and epic 7 weeks, off to bed at 3am  knowing in a few hours it will be painful, bring on the next 5 weeks to Level 2.

NZSIT week 4 and 5

Weeks 4 & 5 had more clubfield action along with the usual suspects......... teaching, demos and personal skiing. We also took a trip to the west coast which is worthy of its own video so after exams this week it will edited, so hang around for the action.


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