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week 1 by the eye of a Swissman


NZSIT  2013 - Week 1: Arrival and first days on the slopes

The early birds arrived around Thursday the 11th of July and took the chance to get the best rooms (safest in terms of an emergency case during an earthquake and best view from west to east). A few of them hooked up with some locals and got a lift up to Porters to get a taste of the air for the coming twelve weeks whereas others took the TranzAlpine to the west coast. The rest of us arrived eventually on Saturday afternoon – so tired and jet-lagged that everybody went to bed early.
After getting to know each other on Sunday and a short stop at Gnomes an eventful day of tender loving care for our gear followed on Monday until we finally got the chance to test our new gear and get the rusty joints moving again – we all have definitely been too long without skiing!
During the first week we mainly got in contact with the kiwi people, their way of life and instructing skiing. "Cruisin' all over the mountain, mate" – what a pain for our old-school European buddies who were taught a more aggressive way of skiing. But we're gonna handle this!
After a long week of testing, altering, modifying and falling over we first got our power back at a fine Chinese restaurant and at a rugby match between Christchurch's Crusaders vs. the Ozzy Reds. In which the Crusaders dominated and won with an overwhelming score of 38 - 9.
All in all, a welcoming first week and we are all keen on the eleven others following...

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