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week 3

Week 3

Here's life as a Craigieburner from one of the girls point of views

Before I came to New Zealand I did not fully know what to expect. Some how I had an image of New Zealand being a country full of explorers, opportunists and fighters. All living for the moment in a country rapped in grand mountains and wild nature.

By the end of week three I was still no closer to fully knowing what to expect. One morning we would wake up with a great pink sunrise smiling at us, the next day it would be pouring down so hard that we could hardly see out of the van on our way up to the mountain. (did we still go skiing for 7 hours you ask? Of course we did!)
One day we would be skiing in beautiful spring snow, down Dome Ridge having a ride worth millions. The day after we would have our first lesson as instructors, (well in all fairness we where only helping the real instructors out, but it sounds more advanced leaving that out.) leaving us all both terrified (Kiwi-kids are mental) and more eager than ever!
One evening we would come "home" and find the bar going crazier than before. Karaoke night! Packed with local farmers, none of who would actually sing, but that would be more than happy to laugh off whom ever poor sole that dared to press out a note. (My self included...oh yes). Next evening the bar would be closed for good, with the leasee no where to be seen. (I'm not going in to further detail at the moment) and we would all wonder whether we still had a bed to sleep in and dinner on the table. (Of course I do miss the occasionally free beer bough by a randy farmer, but to be honest it all turned out for the better.) We still have our pleasant beds and Jase turns out to be a hell of a good chef (especially cooking from tin cans, ha d ha ha!).
One weekend we would go to Hanmer. A village (or is hamlet accurate?) where tourist and locals all have three main goals for their Saturday (at least it seem that way) One go mountain biking, two go to the hot pools and three get drunk. How on earth you manage to get that many people in to the same pools with out anyone drowning is be on me, but we all had an interesting time. The mountain biking was great! (I can still feel the seat between my legs, but that's another story)

So, to sum it all up. Before I came to New Zealand I did not know fully what to expect. I still don't. But by week three I have learned that at least the Nonstop crew this year is a group full of explorers, opportunist and fighters. All living for the moment in this country rapped in grand mountains and wild nature. Living for those days that are never the same and that we will never have again.

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