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NZSIT week 8

This week started on a huge high for all of us after passing our level 1 exams and then having a free ski day on the Monday with some fresh snow still left over from the weekend. And with nearly all the runs listed we were able to rip some carves all day on most of the mountain.

On tuesday we learnt the basics of all our level 2 teaching progressions on the mountain with the weather not looking pretty for the next day.

Weather forecast was right for Wednesday with some high winds and a bit of rain down in Springfield and some snow on top of the mountains, we used this time to recap in writing on our teaching progressions and to do our post level 1 assessments on how we thought the course was going, which was tip top for me.

The next day 6 of us had booked heli skiing, this was by far the best experience of my life with lots of fresh snow up to our waists in parts. We all got our rather large skis out and were flying both up and down all day. The rest of us skied in porters and said they had a fantastic day with fresh snow covering the area. A great day had by all.

Friday was a very important and amusing day for us all, Ellie's birthday!! I became aware that it is hilarious to wear boxers with a false bottom moulded onto them, this had many laughs from people on the mountain especially when perched on top of a t-bar lift. we did some practise teaching on each other in groups to get used to the new progressions and then a few of us did some real teaching in the afternoon with short turn practise at the end of the day. That evening a group of us went on a 6 hour drive down to queenstown before hitting the town upon arrival. The others stayed for a relaxed weekend in Springfield.

The next day started both early and rather slowly for most of us bearing a slight hangover. 4 of us got a bus up to cardrona which started a very nice day in the sun, although it was rather windy in the afternoon, the chairlift was a rather refreshing reminder of European resorts. Both Toby and Chris enjoyed the extremely large park facilities there while me and Andrew preferred to rip it up both on the piste and off it. Gemma had already booked heli rafting in advance and thoroughly enjoyed the experience when we met. In the afternoon we all went our separate ways to find food and Chris managed to meet up with his parents in an ice bar for the first time in a few months which he enjoyed very much. We then all met up for another fantastic night out in queenstown which is a recommended visit from all of us that went especially if you want a bit of a party.

On Sunday we all had a slightly larger lie in before getting up where 2 of us went off to do a bungee jump (the highest in Australasia known as the Nevis Bungee with a 134m free fall) the rest of us went shopping and Toby got a new tattoo to remember this summer by. With some great discounts floating around not one of us came back empty handed. We then started our journey back to Springfield with some amazing scenery in Jases rather large, bright yellow 4x4.

cheers Harrison

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