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NZSIT Craigieburners week 9

Week 9 started with some ski training for our level two exams up at porters, lots of demo, short and dynamic turns. The exam is only a week and a half away so we were all trying to do our best turns.
We woke up on Tuesday to very strong windy weather ( a record 251.9km/hr recorded ), so all of the ski fields were closed except Broken River. We went up for some great off-piste skiing on empty slopes and to train for our level 2 exam.
On Wednesday the massive storm was now dumping rain. Porters and all the other ski fields were closed. We spent the day preparing our level 2 lessons and chilling, hoping the weather would get better soon.
Porters was still closed the next day due to the storm so we went down to the beach for some winter surfing in the surprisingly warm weather. It was the first time for all of us and luckily the beach was the perfect place for beginner surfers. By the end of it we had all managed to get up standing on our boards.
Friday was a busy day at porters with sunny skies and lots of kiwi school kids coming up for lessons. We all helped out with the teaching in the morning and then got down to some demo and short turns in the afternoon.
There were two Fancy dress parties on the over the weekend. The girls and Adrian went to an Oscar themed ball in Darfield and the rest of us went to one of the lifties birthday parties dressed in anything but clothes.
So even with the stormy weather we still managed to have an excellent week.

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