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Become a ski instructor

There are many options to get qualified as a ski instructor and many courses offering training towards these qualifications. So how do you decide the best way to get there?

The best way is to look at what an employer would want you to have under your belt to get that all-important first step onto the ladder.


If you do your research you will find that the NZSIA offers one of the most highly-regarded ski instructor qualifications in the world. Many of the upper level NZSIA qualified ski instructors are examiners in the USA, Canada and Europe. The unique set up of the NZSIA allows it to continually change and grow, making it one of the most modern and up-to-date systems in the world. This is recognized by employers globally and is the first choice qualification for many of them.

Experience and references

This is one of the most important things to have to land your first ski instructors job. We offer the most comprehensive rookie experience out there. You will have a reference from NZSIT along with one from the ski school director at Porters ski area showing you have been teaching real lessons over the season. This is seen by many employers as even better than just doing a season teaching as you have been guided through the process so that you learn all the skills required to become a well-rounded ski teacher.

Getting a job

The hardest thing is getting your first job. We spend a lot of time helping you apply for jobs. The best way however is on the merit of our course and the graduates from it. Not only does this give you GUARANTEED interviews with Porters ski are in New Zealand who has employed NZSIT students every year but we have also secured hook ups in Japan, USA, Canada and Europe. Last year we had 3 of our students head to Squaw Valley with another ex student who had worked there the previous season. It was on his merit that the ski school sponsored them with a visa. If you've investigated this you will know that getting sponsored visas to the USA is like gold these days. As we offer such a personalised experience we become friends with many ex students who are always willing to help you in gaining employment around the world.







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