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Martin Bennett

An extremely unique experience! A combination of heaps of varied and challenging terrain accessed by nutcracker lifts at the club fields as well as great training and teaching experience to start a career in the ski industry. New Zealand is not to be missed. This course kick started my never ending winter and I've never looked back! Martin Bennett, student

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Porters Ski Area

Porters Ski Area Letter of Endorsement for the NZSIT Ski Programme

Porters Ski Area is pleased to endorse the NZSIT Ski Programme, which is managed and directed by Jason Collins here in Canterbury, NZ. We have been associated with NZSIT since its introduction, offering students quality training terrain, regular teaching experience, and in many instances, subsequent employment in our Snowsports School.

Over the years we have been impressed with the consistent level of achievement demonstrated by participants in NSIT. Indeed this season we have seen 100%pass rate at Ski instructor Level One. This is testimony to the hours of dedicated tuition delivered by Jason Collins.His ability to encourage students, to make them feel valued and confident, and his friendly outgoing manner have ensured that all students are thoroughly prepared for the ski instructor examinations.

We now rely on trainees and graduates to complement and join our Snowsports School cohort . Our current Snowsports School Director, Dan Walbeoff, was amongst the first graduates of NZSIT – he now is managing all our instructors, running the ski development programmes and liaising with our major clients including local schools and social groups.

Given the remarkable track record of success demonstrated by NZSIT , we are delighted to guarantee all participants of the programme a job interview for the following season. The number and nature of available positions are naturally dependent on variables such as returning staff and forward bookings, but we are happy to make this offer as an indication of our faith in the standards achieved by NZSIT graduates.

Uli Dinsenbacher
General Manager Porters Ski Area